2020, a look back for mature women.

One thing is for sure that our mask wearing will not be ending anytime soon. With that mask comes the dilemma of how to do your makeup for the holidays. Your small group is depending on you to be at their celebration and although it is not like past times, the celebrations can still be beautiful. Especially YOU.

First and most importantly do NOT skimp on your skincare routine. Why? We need to have normal routines in our lives to keep us moving forward. Everything else has changed in our daily routines, so having one (our skincare routine) keeps focused on the positive and it is something we know. Consider using a tinted moisturizer as your foundation. Its light and sheer so wearing it under your mask will keep your skin looking and feeling natural. Pop a bright color on your cheeks to give a healthy
natural glow.

Eye cream, Eye cream, Eye cream is hugely important. The focus while wearing our mask, is the eyes. Let’s keep them looking youthful and glowing. (I recommend “Eye Candy” by Bloom Beaute. It quickly absorbs, helps to reduce puffiness and fine lines.) A wash of a medium color shadow all over the lid, liner above and below the lashes, with a wisp of mascara will keep you looking finished but not over done, and don’t forget the concealer. One with a peachy tint will not only wash away the darkness , but
keep you looking well rested and worry free.

Lip treatments are important right now too. Because we are not wearing our lipsticks and glosses, our lips aren’t getting the loving care they used to. My professional suggestion is to invest in a lip scrub and lip moisturizer. These two products will make a remarkable difference in the look and feel of your lips, so on that day when we no longer have to wear a mask, our lips will be ready for the color of our favorite lipsticks and glosses. Finally, remember to enjoy yourself. It’s the holidays and they need to be celebrated even if it’s a new way and a smaller celebration. Look forward with hope and joy to the newness of 2021 and pray that the new year brings with it and end to Covid.

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