How to choose your lip color.

How To Choose Your Lip Color

After over 30 years in the beauty industry, I am always amazed to the question, Which lip color will look best with my skintone?

As I have aged, I have become a firm believer that you can wear any color on your lips. The secret is keeping the lips and cheeks in the same color pallette. For instance, if you are wearing a pink choose a blush in a pink, if you are wearing a coral, a peachy blush will look gorgeous.

Of course there are tips to help make the choice much easier. So here are a few of my favorites.

First and most importantly be sure you LOVE the lipcolor. Nothing make you more confident than wearing a lipcolor you absolutely love. Pairing it with a blush in the same color family will absolutely help you rock you day!!

As we age our lips fade, and appear smaller,which can age us. My suggestion is to use a BRIGHT color. A darker lip color can look harsh and actually age you, but a brighter color will not only give you a more youthful appearance, make your lips appear larger, but lift you mentally as well.

Here are some tips based on your skintone: 

Fair skinned women look terrific in apricoty nude shades, light corals and pinks.  Avoid browns which will not be flattering.

Those with a medium skintone can wear slighter darker shades. Rose, berry and mauves tones will be the winners. Avoid bright reds and go with bright burgundy colors instead.

Dark skin women can choose chocolate or a red is fabulous. Also keep in mind purple. Think carmel for day and wine or plum for evening.

I am a light skinned 55 year old women and I wear all of the above. I love purples and reds but I also know they have to be lighter and brighter than my friend who is darker than me.

Tips based on Finish, Matte, creamy or glossy

Matte lipsticks can dry out your lips including the lines you already have on the lips. I love mattes but I always choose a matte lip that has an oil included in the ingredients or use a lipbalm under my color. This way I avoid the dry look and also the dry feel.

Creamy lipsticks are a true winner. This finish addes softness to your lips making them look and feel plumper and younger. The glossier cream lipstick adds a shine to your over all look which gives a younger vibe.

Another win, win is a clear gloss over any finish. This look gives hydration, softness and youth.

The next time you are stressing over a lipstick choice, take a breath and remember YOU can wear any color, just keep it aligned with how dark or light your skintone is and use a blush in the same color palette.

Happy hunting.

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