Prime Time For Your Skin

As a professional makeup artist, and a mature skin woman, I truly believe that a primer applied to the skin before applying your foundation is extremely important. First, your primer will seal in your skincare, which will allow the products to work all day for your skin. Secondly, regardless of the amount of makeup you wear, a full face, or just a DD cream and gloss, primers can help to combat an oily skin and/or create a smooth canvas for your makeup.

Think about a primer used on a wall before you paint. That primer evens out and smooths the wall and helps to hide any darkness before you paint to give the painted wall a beautiful finish.

When you use a primer on your skin, you are also giving your favorite foundation something to hold on to and ensuring a longer wear of your foundation.

They also formulate primers for your eyes and lips to help avoid creasing and give extra wear time to your shadows and lip products.

My suggestion for applying a primer is to use your fingers. This gives a more natural look and can be considered an exercise for the face as massaging your primer into your skin helps to get blood flowing underneath the skin.

Primer can be worn alone, or applied after skincare for a fresh, more polished look to your skin, eyelids and lips.

Are you looking for a primer? Bloom Beaute ( has an amazing one.  It is a lightweight gel primer loaded with hyaluronic acid, lemon oil, turmeric and Vitamin C (Pore Liminator For Smooth and Flawless Skin $20)


This primer goes on as a gel and is completely absorbed into the skin providing additional skincare and preparing your face for foundation. 

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