Gel it, Set it and Forget it

Lets consider the difference in each of these products:
Setting powders are light in weight. They can be tinted to add additional coverage or can be translucent. Most are full of talc which in theory isn’t that bad, however talc absorbs moisture so if you tend to be more on the dry side, a powder will only continue to pull the moisture out of your skin leaving you feeling drier, tight and can cause your foundation to look heavy and cakey.

Setting sprays are convenient. They can be carried in your handbag for the day however, most setting sprays contain alcohol. Alcohol can be drying and even down right irritating to some skin types. An important factor to remember is that a setting spray is not skincare ingredients and should not be used on a daily basis. The Bloom Beaute finishing gel, is so light weight and absorbes quickly into the skin. It is loaded with skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen to benefit the skin. It will seal and protect not only your skin but the wear of your foundation.

Stay beautiful!

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