Learn about mature skin from a professional

I’ve worked in the cosmetics and skin care field with many talented and professional artists and creators. They have selected me to take part in photoshoots while hosting some extreme events featuring individuals in the industry that you may see on QVC or HsN. I have seen them at their best, at their worst, and a lot in between. I can honestly tell you my favorite part of the beauty industry is working with the real, mature women from everyday life. (you)

It wasn’t always that way, especially when I was much younger and learning how to navigate the beauty industry. As I have aged, I realized that the mature woman has been left behind in how we care for our skin, and wear makeup. We continue to use makeup and select skin care like we are still 30-something. Yikes!

Having learned that there is so much more out there for us, I’ve spent that last many years embracing my mature skin and soaking up every bit of knowledge about skin care and makeup for us ladies over 40, and WOW, I was so eager to learn too and I soaked it up!

I want to share future articles with you on how skincare works, how to apply products for a glow and to help you look and feel a few years younger.

My goal in this journey continues is to help each and everyone of you that reads my articles find your way to maneuver into the mature years. I want you to walk this path with me and for us to become friends. As a friend, I want you to email with any concerns you might have or questions about your skin care at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I want you to learn how to become more beautiful inside and out as you age and be willing to dive in and explore a fresh, new ‘SKIN CARE’ you.

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